Precious Metals are among the wide range of natural resources traded on world markets every day.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the price for a particular metal depends mainly on a demand and supply equation. The current price of a metal is called its spot price, and spot metal trading is the buying and selling metals in a particular currency.

While the prices of metals are consistent across the world after accounting for currency exchange, spot metal trading depends on metal prices against a particular currency.

The fluctuations in metal prices, combined with changes in currency markets, give the astute investor a dimension for profit.

Gold and silver are the two oldest and most trusted forms of currency. Through Fin Exchange, you can trade these two precious metals in the form of CFD.

Trading metals in CFD form on Fin Exchange means you can take advantage of leverage. Allows you to use a relatively small amount of funds to obtain total risk exposure to a transaction.

 It should be noted that although the use of leverage may bring more incredible benefits, it will also increase risks and cause more significant losses and sometimes even exceed the margin in your account.
In general, trading in commodities is relatively self-explanatory.

A commodity (usually food, metals, oil, or grain) can be bought and sold between traders/investors. The prices of most commodities are typically set by commercial supply and demand.


Although prices for metals may go down, their intrinsic value never decreases, so trading them will always bring you earnings.

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Precious metals trading, including gold, silver, and platinum, all of which you can trade with Fin Exchange