Indices are the plural for INDEX and are used for monitoring the stock market for the benefit of traders.

An index will measure the change of price in your selected stock market and is a fantastic trading instrument for traders to set positions based on the presumed direction of the market.

The familiar terms used to ‘Go Long’ and ‘Go Short’ are at the trader’s discretion whether they perceive the market’s response to developments in the economic sector.

There are two leading Indices.
Global Indices will measure the price changes of big corporations and companies internationally and not be confined to any national border.

National Indices are stock market indices that measure the performance of a country’s stock market. Examples of these are the FTSE 100 (UK) and NSDQ 100 (US), which both fall into National Indices. Selecting your chosen asset and trading partner is a necessary process.

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Indices allow you to trade market sectors from around the globe. Learn all about index trading.