Fin Exchange believes trading the most liquid energy markets makes the most sense.

These include West Texas Intermediate crude, Brent crude, gasoline, and natural gas. 

Products like heating oil and various forms of electricity aren’t as liquid,

they might be pretty erratic and require specialized knowledge. Stick with the liquid markets and trade popular energy products.

Trade energy CFDs with all trading strategies – all from one trading account.

The knowledge and the vast experience we have gained over these years have helped us provide you with a very stable platform that provides our clients with a market-leading trading experience.

Our fully secured Trading Platform can handle over one million prices per second. With the benefits of low margins and high leverage, CFDs or ‘Contracts for Difference’ provide our traders with the opportunity to trade in a wide variety of assets.

Traders can quickly profit with the added advantages of instant execution and zero commissions.

Superior & Professional customer support

Fin Exchange cares about its customers with the most profound regard. If any questions arise, feel free to contact a team of professionals 24/5.

Trading Instruments

We’re committed to provide you with all the necessary tools to be as informed as possible before making investment decisions.

High Leverage

Amplify your profits with high leverage which Fin Exchange provides.

Fin Exchange offers a full range of commodities, including crude oil and natural gas.